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General Information

The Pine Island Cheese Festival will take place at the Trailhead Park in Pine Island, Minnesota.  This is an outdoor festival that will be held rain or shine.  Annual attendance at the festival is estimated at over 5,000 for the weekend.  Up to 20 booth spaces will be available for food vendors, depending on available space.

General Rules and Regulations

  • All food vendors are responsible for their own booth set up.

  • No generators will be allowed unless there is a loss of power to festival grounds.

  • No booth sharing is allowed.

  • Each vendor is responsible for securing their booth.  The Festival is not responsible for any loss or theft that may occur.

  • Vendors are responsible for removing any trash or food waste/products from their booth area.  Vendors are expected to use the dumpsters that will be provided.  Vendors are prohibited from dumping their waste products in the small waste bins that are available for customers.

  • Vendors must notify the festival immediately of cancellation.  Refunds, minus a $25 processing fee, will be issued for cancellations prior to April 1.  No refunds will be given for cancellations after this date.

  • Vendors must provide their full menu as part of the application.

  • Vendors will only be allowed to sell the menu items that are approved by the festival.  If a vendor is found to be selling alternate items, they will be removed from participation in future Cheese Festival events.

  • Carnival has all rights to corn dogs, mini doughnuts and cotton candy. Any vendor selling these items will be closed and asked to not return to any upcoming Cheese Festival events.

  • Vendors must abide by all regulations that are outlined by the State of Minnesota for Food Vendors.

  • This is an outdoor festival that takes place rain or shine.

  • Vendors must adhere to the setup time window as assigned.  Failure to set up during the setup time assigned may   result in a fine of $75.

  • Vendors will have all cars/ vehicles removed from grounds by 10:00 am each day. Vendors will be open for business the following hours: Friday 4:30-11:00pm, Saturday 11:00am to 11:00pm, Sunday 11:00am to 9:00pm.

  • All vendors must follow local and state health regulations as well as electrical and plumbing codes.  The food committee reserves the right to remove any booth from the festival that is not following necessary codes or regulations, including unapproved hoses and cords.

  • No vendor shall empty, dump, pour, spill, or leak ANY substance onto any sidewalk, portable toilet, grass, lawn, street or body of water, including storm sewers for rain or the river itself, for any reason (this includes hot coffee, cold coffee, soapy water, grease (hot or cold), or ice water).  Violations of this rule shall subject vendor to a fine of $500.00 by the festival and an indefinite suspension from any future invitations to any Cheese Festival sponsored events.

  • If vendor has a heating appliance for the purpose of cooking, then vendor shall have a fully charged and operable fire extinguisher.  All vendors who have electrical appliances shall take precautions required by the Uniform Building Code and the State Inspectors to avoid electrical shock to themselves and their customers.

  • Vendor shall submit a copy of their insurance certificate, evidencing general liability coverage of not less than $1,000,000 (one million dollars) naming Pine Island Cheese Festival and City of Pine Island as additional named insureds.  If an insurance certificate evidencing proper limits of insurance and listing the above named as additional named insureds is not provided, vendor will not be allowed to set up and the fee will be forfeited.  If you have employees, you must have Workman’s Compensation Insurance and provide a copy of insurance coverage; this can be shown on the certificate of liability insurance.

  • Vendors who handle food in any form shall have, on location, a means of washing hands with soap and water, and disposable towels.  Vendor shall be required to comply with all “Standards for Itinerant Food Stands” as set forth by the Minnesota Department of Health.

  • If rules are not followed, booth entrants will not be allowed to return to a future event.

  • Overnight camping in not available in Pine Island.  We recommend Hidden Meadows RV Park, Shades of Sherwood Campground, Tilly’s American Traveler RV Park, or the Goodhue County Fairgrounds in Zumbrota. 

Important Electrical Information

  • Please be advised that all vendors at festivals and events such as Pine Island Cheese Festival are subject to inspection by the Minnesota State Electrical Inspector.

  • Power connections are in limited supply.  Please be as specific as possible in regards to your electrical needs for the Pine Island Cheese Festival.  Power requirements of the vendor applicants will be taken into consideration for acceptance.  You will only be allowed to connect to the amount of power noted and paid for with your application, under the direction of festival set-up personnel.

Minnesota Department of Health Information

  • The State of Minnesota requires that all food vendors at events such as Pine Island Cheese Festival have a vending license.  If you do not have a Food Vendor License, please contact the Minnesota Department of Health; specify that you are in need of a Special Event Food Stand License and have your food item information ready.  Your license will need to be displayed in your booth during the Pine Island Cheese Festival. 

Operator Certificate of Compliance

  • We are required by the State of Minnesota to get written evidence that people who do business at shows such as the Pine Island Cheese Festival have a valid Minnesota Tax ID number.  If a seller is not required to have a Minnesota Tax ID number, the seller must give the operator a written statement in the form of an Operator Certificate of Compliance. 

Liability Insurance Waiver

  • It is hereby agreed and understood that the vendor will carry the necessary licenses and insurance covering booths, equipment and other property used by the vendor during the Pine Island Cheese Festival and hereby exonerates Pine Island Cheese Festival, all committees, the City of Pine Island, and officials and members of these names, from all liability of any nature while said business is conducted.

Application Procedure

  • Complete the Food Vendor Application by March 15, 2020 to be considered for participation.

  • The Cheese Festival Committee will review all applications and select which applications will be approved for space.  The committee’s decision is based on the needs of the festival and is final.

  • Vendors will be notified of their acceptance or denial in a timely manner.  Accepted vendors will receive a confirmation packet and set up information inApril

Vendor Booth Fees (one space per trailer)

  • 10x20 $425

  • 10x30 $475

  • 10x40 $525

Electrical Fees

  • 110V $20 Each Please specify cord length

  • 220V $40 Each Please specify cord length


Water Hook up

  • $20 Per Hose (You must supply your own hose)

Payment Information

  • Please make your check payable to Pine Island Cheese Festival.  All fees must be paid with this application; the deadline for applications to be received by our committee is March 15, 2020.  No applications will be accepted or considered without full payment. If you are not selected as a vendor, your check will be returned to you.

If you are interested in becoming a food vendor please contact us below.

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