Tonight the Pine Island Cheese Festival Planning Committee met to discuss the 2021 Cheese Festival. We recognize there are many questions regarding the likelihood of a festival, so we wanted to share what we know as of today.


We know that more than anything, we desperately want to put on a 2021 Cheese Festival like normal, and celebrate with all of you! We also know that we are effectively 4 months from our planned date, and the guidelines for large gatherings of people as of today are nowhere near the volume of people in attendance for a typical Cheese Festival weekend. While we’re not in a rush to make any decisions, we are cognizant of the possibility that it may need to look different or need to be timed different to ensure public safety and compliance with guidelines.


We can assure that you we have a  group of passionate, and dedicated volunteers who will strive to do what is best for the vast majority. As always, if you have ideas or suggestions, we welcome you to share them! You can email us at, or message us here on Facebook. We are always looking for more volunteers, and will continue to post our meetings in the event you’d like to attend and/or join the committee.


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