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Cheese Festival Golden Nugget

Friday June 4th 2020

first clue 5:00pm

Golden Nugget.jpg

Located in the city limits on city property is the Cheese Festival Golden Nugget, the first clue will be released right here at 5:00pm June 4th.

Clue #1 -2020 is finally over, it’s HISTORY! We are all ready for the 2021 Cheese Festival, including the golden nugget mystery.

Clue #2 - In your journey you will wander to the east, to the north, and even a little to the west. To begin, however, be sure to wander to the South, for where you seek, it is by far the best.

Clue #3 - Do not lay down, do not confuse, this is no time to snooze. Keep moving forward and good things will befall, move past those that are large but were once small.

Clue #4
You may be tempted to STOP!  Don’t do it, your sleuthing skills are tip-top.

Clue #5 - What’s round and black and tons of fun?  It’s waiting for you, hurry up, run! 

Clue #6There is a place we go for a walk, the children play and we can talk.  Find this place if you want a lark, the place you seek is Wazuweeta Park.


Congrats to Maddie Diderrich for finding the 2021 Cheese Festival Golden Nugget!