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Cheese Festival Golden Nugget

Friday June 3 2022

first clue 5:00pm

Golden Nugget.jpg

Clue 1:

dear neighbors it is cheese fest time again
what a wonderful time last year's festival had been
i thought to remind you to Go Pine island Strong
but as i look around at our grand fairgrounds
not a single face is at all turned down
as it turns out, the motto that we have adopted
had been living inside us all...
long before the hashtag was even concocted

Clue 2:

In 1960, dreams were big
& we all had a new gig.
As the years went by
there were many guys:
a Rose but not a flower,
a Boone but not a favor,
a Casper but not a ghost,
a Foreman but not the most,
a Hoard but not all that,
a Brim without the hat,
and even a Snider without the hate.
All great 'til they gotta be great.

Clue 3:

My favorite part of the fair
is the festival food lair.

How much money will be due
for corn on the cob 
if the following is true:

Corn Dogs cost $8
Snow Cones cost $9
Cheese Curds cost $11
Mini Donuts cost $10
Pickles cost $7

Clue 4:

Round and round and round I go,
until the cold stopped my continuous flow.
I hung out with numbers each and every day,
and yet I could float any which way.
Until that icy fated moment,
when I met the most fatal opponent.
Into the vast darkness I sank,
at this exact time without nary a clank.

Clue 5:

After the carnival, I wished to rest.
On foot I went, I thought it best.
West and left and right and right,
I found a place to spend the night. 

Clue 6:

Mirror mirror on the wall,
While not the prime, neither am I small.
All the parts 1, 2, 4 or 23,
It's all good things looking back at me.
Even 46, I did not mind.
For the factors played still all aligned.

Clue 7:

I fall but I get up,
Golden was my pup.
In a stream, I would help you cross,
On the road, I would be the boss.
With my goals, I did not wait.
I was the most famous unelected ___ ___. 

Clue 9:

I am at the beginning of each of your wins, the start of all things in life wonderful and I am the end of all you know. 

lue 8:What fun we will have had with all of these queries, can you tell me what goes next at the end of this series?.647, 7.64, _______